Welcome to Picasso PRO

Picasso PRO springs from the passionate conviction that Deaf artists and artists with disability belong  among Canada’s cultural leaders, creators, performers, professionals and  change makers. Since 1993 Picasso PRO  has enjoyed five programming cycles under the leadership of  Rose Jacobson. Picasso PRO offers an evolving program of skills development, career support, networking, creation, collaboration and services for the up and coming professional. All activities are grounded in a strong commitment to the artist’s creative and human rights.

PICASSO PRO traces its roots to DIS THIS! a sub-set of diversity services for artists with disability and Deaf artists developed by Rose Jacobson, then Cross Cultural Director of the Toronto Theatre Alliance [now TAPA] between 1993-2001. In 2002 a more ambitious program of services, research and professional development was created in partnership with Alex Bulmer’s company SNIFF Inc.  It was called the Picasso Project. The growing success of these initiatives prompted Rose to retain the name in modified form – Picasso PRO – for a third round of programming under the trusteeship of Equity Showcase Theatre (2005-2007). After a year of stand alone initiatives (2007/08) Picasso PRO entered into a three-year programming cycle in collaboration with Creative Trust (2009-March 2012) through the Ontario Trillium  Foundation’s province-wide program. In 2012 Picasso PRO moves forward as an independent collective which continues to partner with a wide range of collaborators and allies.

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