Picasso PRO and Theatre Local Create Audio Descriptions for Luminato Festival’s Visual Arts Program, June 8th -17th, 2012

Picasso PRO is proud to announce our newest access initiative! Please click on the link to our Media Release: 2012-05-29_TAGGED_LUMINATO_Accessibility Release

This June, three audacious art installations presented by Luminato’s Visual Arts Program will include recorded audio description created by Picasso PRO’s Rose Jacobson and Theatre Local’s Rebecca Singh, designed for blind and low vision patrons. Valuable feedback was provided by our expert audience advisors Wanda Fitzgerald and Durelle Harford McAllister.

The files will be downloadable at the Luminato website on June 4th on the Accessibility page found under Visitors Info  at  luminato.com 

Designed for anyone who is blind or partially sighted, the descriptions are also of interest to anyone who’d like to spend more time with the artwork and examine it from a visual point of view.

Picasso PRO will post extra information here to help you plan your visits to the three sites so please check for updates. You may also check the Luminato website for updates on the Accessibility page under Visitor Info.


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