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Talking Movement  Adds Drumbeat to its Heartbeat

How will a dancer describe rain drops beating down all at once on different surfaces when she cannot see them? What will a dancer tell about wind when he sees it move leaves but is unable to hear the rustling? It began with a search for ways to dance individual experiences of rain and wind but became a much greater pursuit of ways to communicate individual perception of and experience in this world.

Since September 2010 choreographer Miriam Rother has lead a highly integrated group of performers (Deaf, hearing, blind, sighted, with and without disabilities) through a creation process which will culminate in an ensemble production of an original work by 2013. Melissa Addison-Webster, Sheila Boyd, Mark Brose, Wanda Fitzgerald, Durelle Harford McAllister, Anna MacLean, Heryka Miranda, Peter Owusu-Ansah, Jenelle Rouse, Wes Ryan, Ali Saeedi, Luka Sidivaricius. Luis Alcobia, Eunji Kim and Mayahuel Tecozautla have also richly contributed to the process.

Picasso PRO`s Talking Movement Project dances forward with a summer bodywork session led by Miriam Rother with master percussionist Walter Maclean.

In February we were first joined by Walter to explore live sound as part of the onstage performance. This summer`s session will take the work further in preparation for a fall choreographic intensive and performance before an invited audience on Sunday November 11th. A Master Class by Miriam and ensemble members will also enable other interested choreographers and dance practitioners to share our working process.

Stay tuned for details! This essential phase of Talking Movement will be made possible through the generous support of Canada Council`s  ACCP  Dance program.


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