Mission & Mandate


Picasso PRO was formed to facilitate genuine opportunity and integration for artists with disabilities and Deaf artists in the performing and media arts. It springs from the passionate conviction that artists with disabilities and Deaf  artists belong on Ontario and Canada’s stages and screens, among our audiences, professional staffs, teachers and cultural leaders.


To promote and facilitate direct engagement among Deaf artists, artists with disabilities, and other practitioners  in all facets of live performance and media creation, production and presentation.

To provide an umbrella of support and inter-connection to individual artists and groups working alone or in clusters throughout Ontario.

To foster integrated and culturally specific collaboration and exchange in which artists define their own practice, develop their own voices and create distinct works.

To include accessible, professional skills training, strong artist support, career development and employment to aspiring, emerging, mid-career and senior artists with disabilities and Deaf artists

To introduce emerging Deaf and disabled artists to theatre, dance, film, etc as a vocation and professional choice through exposure to plays, films and related canons of work

To share information, tools and expertise with members of the broad artistic community regarding disability-related access, cultural, policy and other issues

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