Pilot Audio Description at Luminato Festival 2011

 In June, Picasso PRO  joined forces with Theatre Local’s Rebecca Singh and Luminato’s Visual Arts wing to produce a first-ever recorded audio description to accompany Philip Beesley’s suspended sculpture “Sargasso” at the Allen Lambert Galleria, an atrium which connects Bay Street with Heritage Square in downtownToronto. A downloadable audio file of the description narrated by Rebecca was made available through Picasso PRO, the Luminato website and Wanda Fitzgerald’s blog Access Fitz for 10 days during the festival. Describer and script creator Rebecca is one of Picasso PRO’s trained describers and was also a Fellow of the Luminato Festival. The Luminato website alone registered 310 downloads during this brief period and Picasso PRO had many responses from blind/LV patrons and associates during the widely distributed promotion. Special thanks to Robert VanderBerg, then Associate Producer, Visual Arts & Public Installations for his active role in realizing and supporting the project.  Stay tuned for news of our expanded audio description program for Luminato 2012.

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