Picasso PRO Partners with SPiLL Towards Deaf-led Creation

SPiLL Collective and associates Phase 1, 2011; Clockwise: Paula Bath, Yannick Gareau & Tiphiane Girault of SPiLL; associates Pamela Wicher, Jason Thierault, Astrid Evensen-Flanjak


 SPiLL [PRO.pagation in French] is Tiphaine Girault, Yannick Gareau and Paula Bath who formed the collective in 2010 “to ignite an explosion of Deaf cultural presence within Canadian arts and culture”. Including francophone, anglophone, Deaf and allies of Deaf culture and inspired by the unique ethno-cultural perspective of Deaf people and the richness of sign language, SPiLL is committed to the development of culturally Deaf-centred performance and media arts. Picasso PRO is proud to partner in the launch and building of “Finding Alice”, an exploration of Alice in Wonderland towards creation of an orginal story and mixed-media production over the next two years. A second circle includes artists from Toronto, the Ottawa-Montreal corridor, Kingston, Milton and London. “Finding Alice” has already enjoyed three working phases under the guidance of  Toronto-based director/dramaturg Andrea Donaldson, with sessions led by Il Nana Dance Crew and set designer Robin Riddough, advisory support from Josette Bushell-Mingo and Rose Jacobson.  Script development is now the focus to be followed by a coming together of  artists in Toronto to take the project to its next level in spring 2013. 

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