Since September 2010 Picasso PRO’s core Dance Specialist Miriam Rother has directed a highly integrated group -Deaf, hearing, blind, sighted, with and without disabilities- through a process which will culminate in an ensemble production of orignal work/s by 2013. All working sessions include ASL Interpreters onsite. Five research & creation phases have taken place to date: Sept. 2010; introductory dance vocabulary and mapping tools and exercises for inter-abilities collaboration; Feb. 2011, the launch of small group creation through March –April culminating in pieces performed for an invited audience in May 2011; two weekends of choreographic  segment building for/by the whole ensemble in November 2011 and follow-up exploration of movement with live sound by percussionist Walter Maclean in February 2012. Spirng through fall 2012 will provide phases leading towards a first public showing for an invited audience by November 2012. Stay tuned to our News Posts for details. The Talking Movement ensemble artists are: Luis Alcobia, Melissa Addison Webster, Sheila Boyd, Mark Brose, Wanda Fitzgerald, , Anna Maclean, Heryka Miranda, Peter Owusu-Ansah, Jenelle Rouse, Durelle Harford McAllister, Ali Saeedi  and Luka Sidavaricius. Mayahuel Tecozautla and Eunji Kim have also contributed richly to phases of the work and will continue to be project associates. Shara Weaver and Barbara McDougall were essential participants in Phase One.

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