Program Vision

Picasso PRO strives to act as an agent of social change. We utilize our pivotal role in connecting local, regional, national and international artists through activities that strengthen communities and practices in Ontario and Canada. We ground our activities in advocacy and a strong commitment to artists’ creative, professional and human rights. Through outreach and networking we work to to ‘grow’ and share a baseline record of current and developing activity in Ontario.We support professionalism and professional recognition for artists practicing within Deaf and disability arts.

Who Makes it Happen?

To do so, we work within an integrated network of  arts practitioners- Deaf, hearing, with and without disabilities.  A field of specialists, community leaders, professional  and emerging artists, access experts and volunteers collaborate to design, research, create, instruct, advocate and undertake various aspects of our programming in cooperation with the Artistic Principal, the core Collective and our advisors.

Current Programs

[see Archives for previous phases]

Luminato/ Theatre Local & Picasso PRO; Audio Description Project

After a  successful pilot project in 2011, Picasso PRO and Theatre Local collaborate once again in 2012 to  create audio descriptions designed for for blind and low-vision patrons to enhance their experience of three extraordinary installations featured in this year’s Luminato Visual Arts Program, June 8th-17th. The audio files will be downloadable or available for  streaming via Luminato’s website in June. The works are: ”The Encampment’ at Fort York Historic Site; ‘///RE-PLY\\\’ along Parliament Street between Dundas and Wellesley; and S/N at Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal One. Each installation will come equipped with description written by Rose Jacobson/Rebecca Singh and narrated by Theatre Local’s Rebecca Singh. Stay tuned to our News Page for Posts about the project. The Luminato Festival now includes an Accessibility Page which will  feature the files along with directions to and details about each installation site and the Festival’s overall access accommodations.

Luis Alcobia and Ensemble, TAlking Movement Project, 2011

Luis Alcobia and Ensemble, Talking Movement Project, 2011

Talking Movement Project 

 Choreographer Miriam Rother directs a highly   integrated group -Deaf,  hearing,  blind, sighted, with and without disabilities- through a process which will culminate in an ensemble production of  an orignal work by 2013. A Showcase  and Master Class are scheduled for Fall 2012. 

The Shuttle Project

Tailored mentorships in areas of professional interest with Artistic Principal Rose Jacobson and other specialists as appropriate. Current protégés include Peter Owusu-Ansah, Paula Bath, Ali Saeedi, Luis Alcobia and Jenelle Rouse.

SPiLL/Picasso PRO: ‘Finding Alice’ 

Deaf-led workshop with Josette Bushell-Mingo, May 2010. l. to.r. Kat Germain, Elizabeth Morris, Gord DaDalt

The newly-formed Deaf-led SpiLL Collective [Ottawa region] begins a theatrical exploration of Alice In Wonderland in partnership with Picasso PRO towards creation of an original performance production by 2013.

Performing Arts Access Program [PAAP] 2010-2012

A Picasso PRO/Creative  Trust partnership generously sponsored by Sun Life Financial  [See Archives for details]

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